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Gatemate Estate Self-Closing Tee Hinge
Decorative Standard American Self-Closing Tee Hinge. For use on Wood Gates. Durable Black  Poly..
Gatemate Estate Tee Hinges
Decorative Standard American Tee Hinge for Wood Gates. Durable Black Polyester Powder Coating over E..
Gatemate Eye Bolt
Eye Bolt. Available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" Shank Diameter and 4", 6", 8", and 10" Length.   ..
Gatemate Fancy Strap Hinge
Decorative American Standard Heavy Duty Steel Strap Hinge for use on Wood Gates.  Durable Black..
Gatemate Fancy Tee Hinge with Removable Pin
Standard American Decorative Steel Tee Hinge with Removable Pin.  Available in 8" and 10"...
Gatemate Fence Clip
Fence Clip Connects 2 x 4 to Post. Standard Gate Hardware Collection. Galvanized finish. 200 per ..
Gatemate Gate Return Spring
Gate Return Spring (Gate Closer) from our Standard Gate Hardware Collection for wood gates. Availab..
Gatemate Hasp and Staple Swivel Head
4 1/2" Steel Hasp and Staple with a Swivel Head from our Standard Gate Hardware Collection for wood ..
Gatemate Heavy Duty Auto Latches with Cable
3" Heavy Duty Steel Gravity Auto Latches with Cable and O-Ring for access from opposite side of the ..
Gatemate Heavy Duty Gravity Latch with Floating Bar
3" Steel  Heavy Duty Floating Bar Gravity Latch from our Standard Gate Hardware line for wood g..
Gatemate Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Gate Wheel
14 1/2" Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Gate Wheel from our Standard Gate Hardware Collection for wood gate..
Gatemate Heavy Duty Standard Tee Hinge
Heavy Duty Steel 8 oz., Standard American 6" Tee Hinge for Wood Gates.  Available in Durable Po..
Gatemate Heavy Strap Hinges
Standard American Heavy Duty Steel Strap Hinges. Available in Durable Black Polyester Powder Coating..
Gatemate J Bolt Hanger
Hanger bolt from our Standard Gate hardware Collection for Wood Gates. Available in 6" and 10" by 5..
Gatemate Large Drop Latch
10 1/2" Larch Drip latch for Wood Gates, Barn Doors, and Shed Doors. Includes fasteners. Avail..