Gate Hinges

Gatemate features a Wide Variety of Gate Hinges, mainly for wood gates, from Standard Everyday gate hinges to Decorative Designs for all tastes. Also boasting the LARGEST size range of hinges available. All the way up to 48" long!

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Gatemate Offset Hinges
3 1/2" Standard American Steel Offset Hinges are available in Durable Polyester Black Powder Coating..
Gatemate Rising Hinges Double Strap Bands & Rocker Plates for 3" Gates
Farm Gate (or Five Bar) Rising Hinges Double Strap Bands and Rocker Plates for 3" Gates. Self Closi..
Gatemate Square Tee Hinge
6" Square Tee Hinge for wood gates. Available in Durable Black Polyester Powder Coating over E/Galv&..
Gatemate Standard Double Strap Hinge Sets
Hinges for Farm and Ag Gates or Five Bar Gates.  Includes fasteners. For 3" Thick Gates. Ava..
Gatemate Standard Tee Hinge
American Standard Steel Tee Hinge available in Durable Black Polyester Powder Coating over E/Ga..
Gatemate Straight Bands and Hooks
Traditional Style Heavy Duty Hinges for Custom Gates. Available in Hot Dipped Galvanized and Premiu..
Gatemate Strong Tee Hinges
Traditional Style Heavy Duty Hinge Designed for wood Gates. 5 pairs per box. Available in Hot dipp..