Gatemate Finishes

Gatemate, a British brand of quality, innovative gate hardware, has been established for two decades. As a leader in the Gate Hardware industry, Abbey Trading offers Gatemate's unique product line with one of the widest ranges of wood gate hardware available. Value and uncompromising quality is our commitment.

Gatemate offers four main, high quality finishes.

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel – Extremely corrosion resistant, excellent for coastal areas

Gatemate is the ORIGINAL source for Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Gate Hardware. Guaranteed for life… and that’s a promise.
Our exclusive stainless steel collection is completely durable even in the most demanding of coastal situations. It’s heavy duty and durable with our stainless steel fasteners, it will genuinely last a lifetime (and probably longer too!)

The marine grade stainless (SAE 316) we specify is renowned for its greater resistance to pitting corrosion, so this ironmongery will look good as well as stay the course, whatever the weather or environment it’s in. 316 Marine Grade has an additional ingredient, molybdenum which appreciably increases the resistance to salt corrosion.

Hot Dipped Galvanized – Corrosion resistant, good for coastal areas. Second only to Stainless Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized hardware fits the budget and also has those rust resisting properties needed for coastal areas.

Premium Shell (Black) – Hot dipped galvanized with a Quality Black Polyester Powder Coating. Look for the famous Turtle Icon.

When it comes to Black Hardware resisting corrosion, this is your answer.  Our steel is put through a unique cleaning process before being dipped in the Galvanizing. It is then prepped to allow the powder coating to adhere correctly for a functional, yet beautiful finish.

Black - Hardware starts with a Zinc under coating and finishes with a Qualtiy Black Polyester Powder Coating. We do not powder coat directly over the raw steel. This finish is affordable and totally acceptable for non coastal areas.

Zinc – Electro Galvanized. This is the primary finish for standard American hardware. It is affordable and totally acceptable for non coastal areas.


The map below indicates density of salt in rain water.  If you are located in these regions, or in any coastal region, we recommend using Premium Shell, Hot Dipped Galvanized, or 316 Stainless Marine Grade hardware for rust resistance.